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(419) 610-8138 or (419) 830-3028

In addition to our Guest Rooms, The Grand Kerr House has dedicated spaces available for massage therapy, yoga classes, group meditation, reflexology, and other programs. 

Spa Services

Relaxation Massage - 60 minutes -  $70.00 
Relaxation Massage - 90 minutes - $95.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes - $80.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 90 minutes - $105.00
Signature Facial - 60 minutes - $70.00
Body Scrub & Wrap - 90 minutes - $110.00
Reflexology - 30 minutes - $45.00
Reflexology - 60 minutes - $70.00
Reflexology - 90 minutes - $110.00
Harmonic Treatment - 60 minutes - $80.00
Harmonic Treatment - 90 minutes - $125.00
Harmonic Treatment - 120 minutes - $160.00
Reflexology with Harmonics - 90 minutes - $125.00
Vibrational Raindrops - 75 minutes - $120.00
Reflexolo-Chi - 60 minutes - $75.00
Aromatherapy - 60 minutes - $75.00
Aromatherapy Reflexolo-Chi - 90 minutes - $110.00
Couples Massage - 60 minutes - $140.00 - Currently Not Available Due To Covid-19 Concerns

Service Fees Do Not Include Tax or Gratuity

Yoga Classes

**Gentle Yoga with Karen Lynn**
Tuesday 5:30 to 6:45

Yoga Classes are taught by Karen Lynn Palicki in our Yoga Loft. Karen Lynn, a Registered Nurse, and Licensed Massage Therapist has been teaching yoga for over 40 years and has advanced certifications in therapeutic applications of yoga. Gentle and Adaptive Yoga are Karen Lynn’s specialties and, in her classes, Karen Lynn brings awareness that yoga is not just for the young, physically fit, or only women - everyone can benefit from yoga! In teaching yoga, an approach of ease, comfort, and humor is employed with gentle movements, breath awareness, and meditation.  
To reserve your space or for additional information, contact Karen Lynn at 419-377-0009

Current Session
June 16th, 23rd, 30th and July 7th, 14th, 21st 

Pay only for classes you attend - $12 per class if paid by first class or $15 drop-in fee
Individual Instruction or Private Group Sessions by Appointment

**Yin Yoga - Live Online with Angie**
Thursday - 5:30 to 6:45 pm

NOTE:  This class is being held live online and will NOT be held at the TGKH Yoga Loft

Call, text or email Angie for additional information.  Sign up required. 
// 419-308-1261 //

Yin Yoga is a practice that focuses on stretching the deep connective tissue of the body.  Expect a nourishing, mindful and slow moving practice. We hold floor based postures for extended periods of time to impact the deeper tissues in the body.
This practice cultivates focus, attention, interest and a deep sense of wisdom as you tap into the body and mind and allow stillness to expand and contract.
During our classes we will experience a variety of restoring practices such as; self-treating acupoints for therapeutic benefits, Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation, breathing techniques centering and balancing, and more!!
No previous experience necessary. 


For clients that are not House Guests, the following guidelines are in effect due to COVID-19 concerns:
1.  When coming for your appointment, please notify your service provider that you have arrived and are waiting outside the house
2.  We ask that you wait in your car or on the front porch until contacted by your service provider that they are ready for you
3.  Enter and exit through the side door on the front porch and go directly to your treatment room
4.  Please wear a face mask when walking through the house and maintain safe social distancing with other clients and/or house guests